Gattimela: Here Is Why Amulya Is A Better MD Than Sahithya

Here are some of the reasons why Amulya is better than Sahithya when it comes to running the company


August 9, 2020


2 min


Amulya and Sahithya, in Gattimela, have been against each other since the beginning of time. While Amulya has accepted the fact that Vedanth might get married to someone else, Sahithya has taken it upon herself to destroy Amulya as she has realised that Vedanth has certain feelings for her. Moreover, she even takes the help of Suhasini to become the MD when Vedanth is kidnapped. When Sarthak and Vikranth discover the same, they transfer their share of the property to Amulya so that she can become the MD instead of Sahithya taking control over the entire company.

Sahithya and Amulya

Amulya has also proved to be the ideal MD in place of Vedanth as she has taken all the responsibilities that a leader must take up. Unlike Sahithya who failed to treat her employees well. Amulya takes care of her employees and treats them with regard and dignity. She always listens to what they have to say and has a friendly relationship with them. She also has a great understanding of how the company functions and does everything in the office for the betterment of the company. Sahithya, on the other hand, has taken every step to benefit herself and no one else. She also does not believe in teamwork and consulting people who have actually been assigned for a particular job. Additionally, she treats them with disrespect and makes them do her personal work in a professional setting.

Amulya has also proven to be a better MD as she is keeping the business going and is bringing in clients even during such difficult times. Not only that, but we also see how she is well aware of the company rules and norms.

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