Gattimela: Druva Tells Adya That Vedanth Might Be In India And In Trouble


August 2, 2020


3 min

In the previous episode of Gattimela, we see how Sahithya has been causing more trouble than expected in the absence of Vedanth. Here are some of the decisions and orders that she has been giving that has created so much damage. She calls Amulya into her cabin and asks her to make coffee for her.

In this episode, Sahithya tells Amulya that the security has made a mistake by scratching Vedanth’s car for which he needs to be punished. To that, Amulya says that he did not do anything on purpose and that she cannot fire him for any such reason. When Sahithya tells her that someone must take the blame if not him, Amulya takes the blame for it and tells her that whatever action needs to be taken must be taken towards her. When Kanta tells her that Vedanth would never do this, she says that she is using all the rights that Vedanth has as she is the running MD.

Meanwhile, Druva goes to meet Adya to tell her that something is wrong with the fact that Vedanth has gone to Australia. He begins by saying that he has never gone out of town or even out of the country without making necessary arrangements in his absence. He also says that Vedanth has gone to the extent of cancelling his trips if something has not worked out at the office.

Kanta tells them that Amulya has been fired
Kanta tells them that Amulya has been fired

For someone who has done that, it is very unlikely that he suddenly decides to make a trip abroad during work. Adya is confused and tells hin that something urgent must have come up. To that, Druva says that Vedanth has been doing very well in business and he has many enemies in the business sector who would want to cause harm to the company and more. He also tells her that they need to find out where he is and what he is up to with the help of Sarthak and Vikranth so that it can help him if he needs the help.

Meanwhile, Amulya gets a missed call from Vedanth and wonders why he called her from his Indian number. Aarthi also questions Adya to ask how she knows Druva and why he was hiding and talking to her. Adya denies it and makes up an excuse.

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