Gattimela December 9 2019 Written Update: Vedanth Apologises To Amulya


December 10, 2019

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In the previous episode, Amulya tells Sahithya the truth about using her identity to talk to Vedanth. She apologises but Sahithya tells her that she desperately needs the job. Sahithya decides to go back to Vedanth’s office and handle the situation. Meanwhile, Adya and Vedanth’s grandma have come to the office where they see Vedanth feeding Amulya lunch.

In this episode, Vedanth’s grandmother asks Kanta why he laughs at everything? They’re all having a light moment while making fun of Kanta. His grandmother looks around the Vedanth’s cabin and asks a few questions about the couple.

His grandmother is also trying to bring the two together and asks Vedanth to stand with Amulya to take a picture of the two. Vedanth puts his hand on Amulya’s shoulder. His grandmother tells him to put his hand on her waist and the two get awkward. Vedanth’s grandmother tells him how happy she is to see him with her and leaves. Vedanth apologises for everything but Amulya finds herself more attracted to him.

That evening Amulya and her sisters are playing a game at home. Amulya and her sister are having a playful war with each other when Amulya’s father asks about Vedanth and she doesn’t know what to say. Meanwhile, Vedanth and Adya are seriously thinking about how to tell his grandmother the truth about Amulya and him. Vikrant and Adya make fun of his situation. At Amulya’s house, the 4 girls are discussing the day Vedanth’s grandma welcomed Amulya into their family.

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