Gattimela December 9 2019 Preview: The Spark Between Amulya And Vedanth


December 6, 2019

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In the previous episode, Vedanth discovers that the candidate who has come for an interview is the same girl that had messaged him the previous night. Amulya is trying to save the situation but fails. She brings Sahithya out of the room and tells her the truth. Sahithya says she’ll handle the situation and begins to apologise to Vedanth. Vedanth’s grandmother visits the office during lunch time when Vedanth pretends to be feeding Amulya.

In the next week’s episode, Vedanth’s grandmother is telling Vedanth to stop acting as though Amulya is a stranger by putting his hand over her shoulder. She tells him to put his hand on her waist and he does. A spark ignites between the two.

Will the two develop feelings each other?

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