Gattimela December 5 2019 Written Update: Amulya and Vedanth begin to talk


December 5, 2019

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In the earlier episode, tension builds between Amulya and Vedanth. Vedanth asks Amulya to be his girlfriend but she refuses. Meanwhile, Kanta and other employees ask Amulya to ask Vedanth for a holiday. Instead, Amulya initiates a game of darts using Vedanth’s poster.

In the previous episode:

Vedanth asks Amulya to come into the office. He says that his grandma is overtly affectionate and believes that he is in love with Amulya. Just to keep her happy, he requests Amulya to be his girlfriend again. Amulya begins to think of moments in the past where Vedanth has helped her. She agrees to help him. That night Amulya and her sister are having a conversation about becoming part of Vedanth’s family. But Amulya tells her sister the truth. Meanwhile, Kanta and Vedanth are in the car when Vedanth receives a message from Amulya using a girl named Sahithya’s identity. Kanta messages Amulya from Vedanth’s phone and asks her to send a photo of herself.Amulya and her sister are trying to message Vedanth while Kanta is not letting him reply. The both are developing a slight attraction towards each other and Amulya finally sends a picture of Sahithya. Vedanth doesn’t realise who is in the picture.

A still from today's episode
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The next day, a new character Sahithya has entered the office for an interview. Amulya is in a fix for using her identity while Vedanth and Kanta realise that she is the girl they were messaging the previous night.

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