Gattimela 5 July 2019 Episode Written Update: Aarthi Finally Agrees To Marry Vikranth

Parinika Uchil

July 5, 2019

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In the previous episode of Gattimela, Aarthi gets furious when she finds out that Vedanth hit Amulya. She then calls off the wedding between her and Vicky when she learns that he didn’t support Amulya. Meanwhile, Suhasini fails to find out the name of the girl Vicky loves. After Parimala and Manjunath go to invite all the neighbours for Aarthi’s wedding, Amulya calls up Vedanth and asks him to meet her outside urgently. He realises that she is crying and probes into the matter. Sarika, on the other hand, sends thugs to kill Amulya.

In tonight’s episode, Amulya scolds the goon and leaves when he continues to flirt with her. Unfortunately, shortly afterwards, he blocks her path with a whole group of goons while Sarika watches from aside. Suddenly, Vedanth enters the scene and punches the main guy who first started flirting with Amulya. Looking at the speed at which Vedanth hits the goons, Sarika makes a quick escape from the scene. Vedanth then uses Amulya as a weapon to nicely beat up the thugs, until only one of them remains. Unfortunately for Amulya, in this fight, a goon manages to fist her head, causing some bleeding. Elsewhere, Sarthak asks Aadya to calm down and forget what has happened in the past. He says this so that she can soon join the preparations for Aarthi’s wedding.

A Still Of Aadya, Sarthak And Suhasini
Source: ZEE5

Suhasini, who overhears this, picks up a fight with Sarthak for even talking about such a cheap family (the Manjunaths) in front of her daughter and again blames everything on Parimala. An irritated Aadya soon interrupts their fight and taunts both of them for not giving two hoots about her pain of losing a kid. Sarthak apologises to Aadya and goes to his house. At the place where Amulya was surrounded at first, Vedanth screams at the thug while holding Amulya’s hand and asks him to try attacking her now. After apologising many times, the goon runs away. Amulya, who stands shocked at Vedanth for holding her hand and instilling some relief, then asks Vedanth why he did all this. To this, he shocks her again by saying that he was genuinely worried about her. Soon, he notices the blood on her forehead and goes to wipe it off when Amulya takes a step back.

A Still Of Amulya Manjunath
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A slight smile comes on her face when she learns that he still remembers that she faints after seeing blood. He then apologises to her for slapping her earlier and she apologises for slapping Suhasini in return. After a moment of silence and exchanging gazes between them, Vedanth tells her that he will drop her home as it isn’t safe to go home this late. In the car, when he tells her to sit in the backseat, she sits in front on purpose and they go home. The next day, Aarthi is surprised to see all three of her sisters and probes into the matter. After much convincing, and only after Amulya tells Aarthi that Vedanth has already apologised, she finally agrees to get married to Vikranth. To give him the good news, Vedanth and Aadya give the phone to Vicky who wakes up in an instant when he learns that Aarthi is on the other line.

A Still Of Aadya, Vicky And Vedanth
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He is ecstatic and showers his siblings with hugs and kisses when Aarthi agrees to get married to him. Later in the day, when Manjunath and Parimala are discussing the expenses, Amulya offers her savings towards the wedding costs, much to Manjunath and Parimala’s surprise. Despite his hesitation, Amulya and Parimala then convince Manjunath that they are a family and there are no formalities with loved ones. A proud Manjunath reiterates what he said before, that she is truly like the son of the house.

To know how Aarthi’s wedding goes and with whom she will tie the knot, stay tuned for Monday’s update.

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