Gattimela 4 June 2019 Preview: Vedanth Assumes That Amulya Knows The Truth About Gautham

Parinika Uchil

June 3, 2019

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On the previous episode of Gattimela, Gautham continued to wreak havoc in the life’s of Vicky and Aarthi, by deliberately going to the latter’s house on his birthday. Vikranth, who visits the Manjunath house to apologise to Aarthi gets furious instead to see Gautham feeding her cake. Elsewhere, Vedanth promises to unveil Gautham’s true face to Amulya and eventually gets a confession out of him. Gautham, on the other hand, is shocked to see Amulya standing behind him after he confidently revealed his true nature to Vedanth.

On the next episode, while approaches both Vedanth and Gautham cautiously, the former is seen sporting a confident smile. Gautham, however, stands stunned to see her standing walking towards them. Just then, Vedanth asks her if at least now she can see through his lies. Amulya gives a shocked expression when Vedanth is happy that she learnt the truth from the horse’s mouth. He then proceeds to warn Gautham, that his plan won’t work hereafter.

What will Vedanth do now? How will Amulya react to all of this? Stay tuned to the next episode to find out.

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