Gattimela 31 May 2019 Written Update Of Full Episode: Amulya Is All Over Vedanth’s Mind

Parinika Uchil

May 31, 2019

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In the previous episode of Gattimela, Sarika succeeds in creating a fight between Vicky and Aarthi. Meanwhile, Amulya isn’t able to escape from the trap she is in but soon finds an exit. Elsewhere, Parimala, Aarthi and Sarthak get worried about her disappearance. When Vedanth gets this news, he initially dismisses any worries but later makes an alarming realisation. He then rushes to the construction site and starts looking for Amulya. After a while, he finds Amulya and tries to make her leave the building but she puts up a fit. Forcefully, he grabs her hand and doesn’t let go till they are out. Once there, he scolds her for being irresponsible, but in a caring way, much to her surprise.

On tonight’s episode of Gattimela, as they are headed back to the city, Vedanth scolds Amulya in his mind for doing something so foolish. She, on the other hand, wonders why Vedanth is behaving so weird since the incident. When catches him looking at her, Vedanth immediately turns his head in the other direction, causing Amulya to think he has an attitude. Soon, Amulya drowses off into a deep sleep. Unknowingly, her head slides for support and falls on his shoulder. The second this happens, Vedanth becomes stiff, as though someone just put him on a live wire. Due to the uneasiness of her presence near him, he tries his best to try and touch her head to move it to the other side but fails, in every attempt. Finally, when they reach her locality, he uses his voice to wake her up finally.

A Still Of Amulya Sleeping On Vedanth's Shoulders
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Vedanth is super annoyed when Amulya wakes up with a jolt and checks herself fearfully if something happened. When he informs her that they have reached her house, she gets hassled about someone from her house spotting her. Vedanth interrupts her chatter to inform her that he is isn’t so silly to drop her right at her gate. She then praises him for using his brain once in a while and thanks God for helping him. When he is about to counter her, he has a flashback of when Amulya accused him of sending her to a place which he knew possessed danger and stops his sentence mid-way. Amulya takes this as a victory and begins removing her seat-belt. Seeing her struggling with it, Vedanth offers to help, but she assumes that he making a move on her and pushes him back. That’s when he shows her how to remove the seat-belt, which makes her look silly. He then asks her if she wants to go to the hospital seeing that her hand was bleeding sometime back. She pretends to be absolutely cool with a few drops of blood and sarcastically thanks him for the drop before leaving without saying another word.

A Worried Still Of Amulya
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As soon as he leaves, Amulya gets worried about the blood on her hand and decides to forget about it. At home, everyone is delighted to see Amulya back. She soon explains what exactly happened. Everyone is shocked to hear the events of her evening. Parimala finally asks her to freshen up and get ready for dinner. Elsewhere, Vikranth doesn’t notice Vedanth lost in thought and asks about Amulya. He recollects the moments when he saw Amulya scared for the first time before Vicky bursts his flashback bubble and asks about her again. After a few moments, Vedanth confesses to his younger brother about the blunder that would have happened if he didn’t reach Amulya on time. He adds that he feels responsible for her situation and is not even able to find out how she is. Vicky immediately helps him by finding out from Adithi. Upon seeing his older brother relieved Vicky wonders how come the man who only cared for his mother and sister is actually caring for another woman.

A Still Of Amulya And Parimala
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The next day, with much difficulty, Amulya somehow convinces Parimala to let her go to work. Just as she is leaving, Gautham arrives there. At the Vashishta mansion, Vicky feels bad for talking rudely to Aarthi and decides to go to the Manjunath house to apologise. Meanwhile, Vedanth wonders where Amulya is when he sees her seat vacant. Kantha who is surprised to see his boss’s lost face tries to fish out what is on Vedanth’s mind. In astonishment, he screams out to Vedanth about asking for Amulya and the whole office looks at him. Vedanth soon excuses him and speaks to Sarthak to see if he knows anything about Amulya. Just as he asks about her, someone touches him on the shoulder. He turns around and finds Amulya standing in front of him.

What will he do next? Will Vicky get upset to see Gautham at Aarthi’s house? Exciting stuff will be revealed only if you stay tuned.

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