Gattimela 30 May 2019 Written Update Of Full Episode: Vedanth Comes To Amulya’s Rescue

Parinika Uchil

May 30, 2019

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In the previous episode of Gattimela, Amulya wanders around the construction site, Sarika and Aarthi reach the showroom to find out that Gautham there too. Sarika makes a plan to create a rift between Aarthi and Vicky. Meanwhile, Amulya, who finds a spot at the construction site to work at, starts feeling sleepy soon. Because of her headphones on, she doesn’t see the entry to her under-construction room, being covered with sacks. At the office, Kantha is surprised when Vedanth asks to arrange for someone to pick up Amulya. In the end, Sarthak, who is outside the site is made aware that a short circuit has taken place inside. All this while, Amulya is still in the room, fast asleep.

On tonight’s episode of Gattimela,¬†Sarika somehow sends Aarthi and Gautham to one corner of the store to pick up something for his birthday and prepares to give Vicky another shocker. Gautham pretends to be innocent and tries to avoid the situation when Aarthi herself tells him that as a friend, for all the help he gave, she has decided to gift him a shirt. He then asks her to hold the shirt on his back to see if it fits as he doesn’t have much of an idea about shopping. As Aarthi does what is asked, Sarika clicks another video and gathers more false proof to show Vicky. Elsewhere, Amulya, who wakes up during the short-circuit, decides to call Sarthak when she is not able to get out of the room. Unfortunately for her, the call doesn’t get through causing her to get worried if these are her final moments. Suddenly, she finds chances upon an exit and decides to try that route.

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At the mall, after Gautham leaves and Sarika goes to use the washroom, Vicky calls up Aarthi and accuses her of cheating on him. Despite her many pleas, he doesn’t listen. Just then, Parimala starts calling Aarthi. She somehow asks Vicky to hold the line and receives the call to hear a worried Parimala on the other line. Aarthi is shocked to learn that Amulya still hasn’t returned home and that her phone is not reachable. Soon, Vedanth too learns from Sarthak that Amulya is nowhere to be seen. He, however, takes no responsibility for her whereabouts and leaves Sarthak to figure out where she is on her own. Vikranth, who overhears Vedanth’s conversation insists that he find Amulya. While checking his phone of her selfies, Vedanth suddenly makes an alarming realisation and rushes out in a hurry, leaving Vikranth to be puzzled.

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Soon, Vedanth reaches the site while Amulya tries her best to get out of the place. Sarthak and Vikranth reach the Manjunath house and wonder about where Amulya might have been. They then decide that Sarthak and Vikranth will go in different directions to find Amulya. When Aarthi tries to ask Vicky for forgiveness, he gives her a cold answer and leaves. At the site, Vedanth desperately looks for Amulya inside and ends up hurting his feet in the process. After a while, he finally spots her in one corner and rushes to her side. A small argument ensues before, Vedanth holds her hand and forcefully takes her out of the site. There, they begin fighting again and Vedanth realises that Amulya is hurt. When he asks her to sit in the car so he can take her back, she puts up a fit.

Is this the start of something new between Vedanth and Amulya? Stay tuned to find out.

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