Gattimela: 3 Cues That Amulya Should Pick Up On To Confirm Vedanth’s Feelings For Her


July 23, 2020


3 min

In the previous episode of Gattimela, Vedanth calls Amulya and asks her why she did not call him back and where she was when he came to meet her. He expresses his concern when he tells her that he was worried for her as he did not even see her in the office. Amulya asks him why he is so concerned about her to which he does not know what to say. He hangs up the call without saying anything.

The next day, Vedanth sees Amulya in the office. When she comes into his cabin, he holds her tightly and asks her how come she came to the office. Amulya looks at him with surprise as he acts in an unusual manner with her. He also tells her that he cannot believe that she has come to the office. Vedanth realises that he is acting strange and that Amulya is an employee which is why she ought to come to the office. The first cue that confirms the fact that he is in love with her is his excitement to see her as though he has not seen her before that. He looks at her with utmost affection and concern and tells her how much he missed her even though it had not even been 24 hours since he last saw her.

Another cue is the fact that as she is talking to him, he gets lost in her eyes and begins to look at her while smiling to himself. As Amulya is clear that she has feelings for him, she also knows that on multiple occasions she has lost track of time and has gotten lost in the moment just the way Vedanth has started to lose track of time.

Vedanth gets angry
Vedanth gets angry

What really gives it away is the fact that Kanta and Vikranth tell him that Manju has started to search for a partner for Amulya that really makes Vedanth angry. He, then, goes to Amulya and asks her why she did not think of it is important enough to tell him that she has decided to get married. He also tells her that she cannot get married and that he needs to be part of this discussion. Amulya is lost as she is unaware of the fact that Vikranth and Kanta have told him about her marriage plans. However, she must realise how angry it made Vedanth.

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