Gattimela 29 May 2019 Written Update Of Full Episode: A Mishap At The Construction Site

Parinika Uchil

May 29, 2019

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In the previous episode of Gattimela, Vedanth gets angry at Amulya for giving the presentation without his permission and warns her against it. At night, Amulya consoles Aarthi about her fight with Vicky, while Vedanth comes to the conclusion that Gautham is a bad man after his younger brother narrates what happened earlier. At Parimala’s house, Sarika comes to see permission to take Aarthi with her for shopping and claims that she has no interest to get married to Vicky henceforth. Elsewhere, Vedanth is upset with Amulya for not believing the truth about Gautham and banishes her to the company’s construction site to handle accounts for the day.

On tonight’s episode, while Amulya checks out the construction site, Aarthi and Sarika walk awkwardly towards the market. Just then, Vicky starts calling Aarthi. Sarika, who knows what is going on pretends to be innocent and questions Aarthi about the caller. As expected, Aarthi gets all hassled with this question and somehow avoids the topic. Sarika doesn’t let things go so easily and purposefully messages Vicky but pretends that it was a mistake soon after. Vikranth is ecstatic to know that he can finally meet Aarthi at least. However, Aarthi is shocked to see Gautham in the showroom. Elsewhere, after an inspection of the site, Amulya unknowingly praises Vedanth for his style of working realises later about what she is saying. After correcting herself for praising Shunti Shankara, she finds a nice secluded spot for her on the side and gets to the work with her earphones on.

Gautham Pretends Not To Know Sarika
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At the showroom, Sarika and Gautham pretend not to know each other forcing Aarthi to introduce them once again. And then their plan to separate Aarthi and Vikranth begins. As Sarika is stalling for time till Vicky comes, she thinks about her other plan in case he doesn’t show up. They then start looking out for designer sarees. Meanwhile, without Amulya’s notice, labourers unknowingly cover the entry to the under-construction room she is sitting in, with sacks of grains. Soon, she starts feeling sleepy due to the overnight presentation she had to sit and make. A few moments later, Amulya is fast asleep on the table, with the earphones on. Sarika, in the meantime, gets her plan into action by excusing herself to go to the other side of the showroom. While doing this, she accidentally drops a slippery saree behind Aarthi’s chair. After moving to the other side of the showroom, she signals Gautham and asks Aarthi to come over to her side. This causes Aarthi to slip and fall in Gautham’s hand. Using this as the perfect opportunity, Sarika clicks a photo of Gautham holding Aarthi.

When Vedanth Tries To Explain Amulya's Name
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At the office, Vedanth tries to say something about Amulya but her name doesn’t come to his lips. Kantha figures out that he is talking about Amulya and probes further. Vedanth first enquires about the car that dropped her and then asks Kantha to arrange for a car to pick her up. His secretary is shocked to hear this from his boss and decides that something is surely cooking up between Vedanth and Amulya. At the showroom, Gautham asks Aarthi if she is okay after she stands up uncomfortably. Sarika adds more fuel to the fire by praising them as a couple, much to Aarthi’s dislike. At the site, just as Sarthak is talking to the inspection manager, a worker runs him and informs him about a short circuit that has taken place on the mainboard. Sarthak then orders him to vacate everyone from the building. He soon returns confirming that no one else is in the building. While Sarthak decides to call Vedanth to update him of this, Amulya is fast asleep inside.

What will happen to Amulya now? Will Vedanth realise that she is still inside? Stay tuned to find out.

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