Gattimela 28 November 2019 Preview: Amulya Doesn’t Wear The Sleazy Dress Given By Kishan

In the next episode, the politicians ask Amulya to take off the blanket cover and she obliges. However, what Kishan and the others see, shocks them!

Parinika Uchil

November 27, 2019

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In the previous episode of Gattimela, while Vedanth worries that Amulya might be in some serious trouble, the latter reaches the location Kishan asked to come to. To her astonishment, Amulya is soon informed that she has been called there not to attend a wedding but to dance for a bunch of politicians in a sleazy dress. Elsewhere, Sarika blames the leak of the photos on Vicky causing Aarthi to slap him hard. At Kishan’s place, Amulya, who covers herself up in a blanket after getting ready luckily finds a charger and is able to send her location to Vedanth.

In the next episode, when an excited politician in Kishan’s group asks Amulya to remove the blanket cover on her, she obliges. Upon seeing her dressed in a saree inside, Kishan becomes irate while the others stand stunned.

How is Amulya planning to tackle the situation? Will Kishan delete the video? We’ll know soon stay tuned.

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