Gattimela 27 January 2020 Written Update: Amulya’s Father Brings Dhruva Back Home


January 27, 2020

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In the previous episode of Gattimela, Amulya punctures the tyre of Vedanth’s car. After realising the same, Kanta ends up making a light moment out of it. He tells Vedanth that he could go with Amulya on her scooter, and thinks to himself, that she has started her war with Sahithya, and is sure to win Vedanth’s heart, by the end of this.

In today’s episode, Amulya’s father has come back after a day’s work with Dhruva. He tells them that Dhruva saved him from a thief, who tried to steal all of his money, and also mentions that he will be staying at their house for the night. Everyone is stunned. He introduces Dhruva to his family.

Meanwhile, at home, Vedanth’s mother asks him why he did not come home earlier, when he knew that Sahithya was coming home that day. He tells her that he forgot. Ajji thinks to herself that he didn’t remember the same because he does not really love Sahithya. If he did love her, then he would never forget anything with regard to her. Suhasini also tells him that she is planning a get together, to announce his wedding with Sahithya. She tells him to call the press, business associates and the extended family.

Source: ZEE5
Source: ZEE5

Later that night, Vedanth is lost in his own thoughts about Amulya. Vikranth asks him about the same and he tells him not to talk about such insensible things. Once he leaves, Vedanth wonders why he always finds himself thinking about her, and tries to dismiss the thought, as usual. At Amulya’s house, Adithi tells her that she must fight for her love. She tells her that she can’t do the same any longer and just wants him to be happy.

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