Gattimela 27 February 2020 Written Update: Vedanth Advices Vikranth On Marriage Issues


February 27, 2020

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In the previous episode of Gattimela, Druva is doing all the work in the house. Amulya’s father tells him to freshen up and get ready for the function. Meanwhile, Vedanth has arranged a bachelor party for Vikranth. They have a great time together. Vikranth also gets sentimental thinking of Druva who cannot be part of the wedding as his older brother will not allow it.

In this episode, Vikranth is at his bachelor’s party. Kanta who is extremely drunk tells him that from now onwards, he will be a changed man with many more responsibilities on his plate. Sarthak and Vikranth try to stop Kanta from drinking too much, but he goes on talking about his lover Meenakshi. Vikranth also tells Sarthak that he is very upset as Druva cannot be part of the celebrations. Sarthak consoles him and tells him to have patience as everything will get better with time.

At home, the mehendi function begins. The girl putting mehendi asks Amulya whose name she wants on her hand to which Amulya takes Vedanth’s name. Sahithya and Sarika are taken aback. She then goes to tell both of them that no one can come between two lovers. If fate wants them to be together, then they will. Just then, Vedanth calls her. Adya, too, comes for the function where she discovers that Druva is staying with Amulya and her family. She tells Sarthak the same when she goes back home. She also expresses her grief with regard to the situation. Sarthak consoles her.

Amulya asks the girl to write Vedanth's name on her hand
Amulya asks the girl to write Vedanth’s name on her hand

Later, Vedanth talks to Vikranth to tell him that he must feel responsible for Aarthi. He also tells him that Aarthi is leaving the home that she was born in along with her family for Vikranth and so, he must take good care of her. He also tells him that they must always keep the other person in mind while making decisions and never hurt one another. The two share a sentimental moment with each other.

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