Gattimela 26 February 2020 Written Update: Adithi Shouts At The Guests At Home


February 26, 2020

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In the previous episode of Gattimela, Amulya is at the gym when she sees Vedanth entering. She runs away and tries to hide from him. Just as he is walking towards her, an instructor begins to make conversation with him. Amulya uses this as an opportunity to escape. At home, the four sisters have an emotional moment where Adithi feels bad knowing that she will not hear Aarthi’s voice.

Vedanth imagines seeing Amulya when he passes by her desk. Kanta calls him repeatedly to bring him back to reality. He also asks Vedanth if he was smiling to himself. He orders Kanta to tell Amulya to bring in the files. Kanta is wondering why he keeps forgetting that Amulya has taken the next few days off for the wedding.

At home, Druva is doing all the work in the house. Amulya’s father tells him to freshen up and get ready for the function. Two guests arrive just then and begin talking about Druva. They say that Amulya’s parents do not have any sense but to accommodate a boy in a house that hosts four girls. They also express their disgust in the same matter. Adithi overhears this conversation and takes Druva with him to them. She tells them that her parents are giving him shelter and food and asks them if they have any problem. The rest of the sisters gather too. Adithi also tells the women to behave like the guests that they are, by blessing the bride, eating food and leaving. The two women ask her if that is the way to treat guests and soon, leave. The mehendi ceremony then commences.

Vikranth thanks Vedanth for throwing him a party
Vikranth thanks Vedanth for throwing him a party

Meanwhile, Vedanth has arranged a bachelor party for Vikranth. They have a great time together. Vikranth also gets sentimental thinking of Druva who cannot be part of the wedding as his older brother will not allow it. At home, Sahithya and Sarika have come from Vikranth’s house to give mehendi from the girl’s side. Adya too comes for the function where she also sees Druva in their house.

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