Gattimela 24 September 2019 Episode Written Update: Vedanth Takes The Law In His Hands!

Parinika Uchil

September 24, 2019

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In the previous episode of Gattimela, Vedanth watches as  Amulya constantly fights for his freedom but despite all that, he ends up in jail. Elsewhere, Manjunath thanks Vicky after he announces that he will spend for the wedding expenses with his hard-earned money. Soon Suhasini learns about Vedanth’s arrest and goes into a state of shock while Amulya rushes to the police station with Sarthak.  Upon spotting Vedanth, she relentlessly begs the policeman to let him go. Later, when she tells Vedanth that she believes his innocence, he responds with a feeble smile.

On tonight’s episode, while Vedanth wonders who could have possibly filed such a complaint against him, Amulya anxiously waits outside for Sarthak and is disappointed when he brings no good news. She then makes a final attempt to convince the head inspector to let Vedanth go but he instead asks a lady constable to escort Amulya outside the station. As she is being forcibly dragged out, Vedanth spots her and gets extremely worried.

When Vedanth Tries To Stop The Lady Constable From Dragging Amulya Away
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He shouts out to anyone who would hear him to let Amulya go, but in vain. In the process, the inspector outside his cell causes him to ram into the metal poles in order to shut him up. Just then Vikranth enters the station and rushes to Vedanth’s cell worried for his brother. Meanwhile, Amulya tries to convince the lady constable to help her get an innocent man out of jail but is shocked to learn that the complaint came from a lady who worked in Vedanth’s office.

A Still Of The Inspector, Sridhar, Suhasini, The Lawyer And Vicky
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Suhasini enters the station with the lawyer and Sridhar but despite all their efforts, they are disheartened and frustrated to learn that as per the law, the rule states that if a sexual harassment case is filed against a man, he is put behind bars as a non-bailable offender. By this time, Amulya reaches the office and questions Kantha about her female employees. Upon interrogation, Amulya is in disbelief when she learns that Swathi and Sarika are behind Vedanth’s arrest.

A Still From The Gattimela Show
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At the station, to add to Vashishta family’s peril, the inspector also informs them that the details of the person who has filed the case cannot be revealed until the court hearing. Elsewhere, Sarika tries to comfort Swathi that what she did has to be forgotten at all costs as she is getting a hefty amount for it. After finishing the call when Sarika turns around and is shocked to see her mother.

A Still Of Swathi And Her Mother
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At Swathi’s home, she prepares to leave and is answering her mother’s questions about why they have to leave so suddenly when there is a knock on the door. Scared, Swathi sends her mother to open the door and is taken aback to see Amulya and Adithi. Back at home, Sarika threatens to kill herself in front of Padma and asks her to keep mum about this secret.

When Vedanth Takes The Law Into His Hands
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In the end, while Amulya fails to convince Swathi to tell the truth, Vedanth strangles the head inspector for speaking rudely to his mother.

Will action be taken against Vedanth for assaulting an officer on duty? How is Amulya going to fix this? Stay tuned to tomorrow’s episode to find out.

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