Gattimela 24 February 2020 Preview: Adya And Vikranth Come To Office To Meet Vedanth


February 21, 2020

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In the previous episode of Gattimela, Vedanth is lost while talking to Amulya. He smiles to himself and remembers Sarthak telling him that when someone is in love, they smile to themselves when they see their lover. He also asks Amulya to give him the files that required his signatures immediately. Later that day, Adya and Vikranth are talking about their encounter with Vedanth regarding Druva and decide to go and meet him at the office.

In the next episode, Adya and Vikranth have come to office to visit Vedanth and apologise to him for talking to Druva. They tell him that they won’t go against his word and talk to Druva. Vedanth tells them to leave him alone when they tell him not to be so angry. Just as they are talking, Amulya comes into the cabin to tell him that she will be going back home to make wedding arrangements. Vedanth immediately begins to smile. Adya and Vikranth tell her that Vedanth is not talking to them. When she tells him that he must talk to them, he immediately forgives the two.

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