Gattimela 23 July 2019 Episode Written Update: Amulya Tends To Vedanth’s Forehead Bruise

Parinika Uchil

July 23, 2019

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In the previous episode of Gattimela, Vedanth gets some clues that Gautham might have kidnapped Vicky. Upon confrontation, Gautham pretends to be innocent and proves it by bringing Vicky in front of everyone. Agitated, when Vedanth grabs Gautham by his collar, Amulya ends up causing a bruise to the former’s forehead. Elsewhere, Paramananda manages to tell Suhasini that Vicky’s love interest is none other than Aarthi. Back at the venue, Amulya and Vedanth share a romantic moment a short while later.

On the next episode, the wedding rituals begin, much to Aarthi and Vicky’s chagrin. Gautham shows no signs of stopping while Vicky calms himself down thinking in just a few moments Aarthi will be his. Meanwhile, Amulya notices Vedanth’s bruise and gets worried. While the rituals are going on she informs Parimala and excuses herself from the mantapa. Upon calling Vedanth, he is puzzled that she talking to him. Amulya then asks him to avoid pretending and follow him. In the room, Vedanth enters and is shocked to see Amulya shutting the door. Assuming that she is out to kill him, he informs her that he knows self-defence. With much resistance, he finally listens to her and sits on the bed. Soon, he learns that she is trying to get him the medical aid he needs for the bruise.

A Still Of Amulya Tending To Vedanth Bruise
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After some argument about whether she really can’t stand blood, he lets her tend to the wounds. As they are lost deeply into each other, Aadya breaks the bubble by entering unannounced. An awkward situation arises and Vedanth curses Amulya through actions. At the wedding altar, Aarthi is almost in tears when Gautham holds her hand in front of everyone, causing her to feel uncomfortable. Parimala and Manjunath find it cute because according to them Gautham and Aarthi are about to be married. Sarthak, Aadya and Vicky get upset by this scene.  Back in the room, Amulya and Vedanth curse each other for getting caught by Aadya. The rituals proceed as Aarthi looks apologetically at Vicky and prays to God to fix everything.

An Angry Still Of Sarthak
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Sarthak, who is about to go and have a word with Gautham, is asked to calm down by Aadya as they have no proof against him. After looking at Vicky’s displeased face, Aarthi finally musters the courage to get rid of Gautham’s hand. Vedanth, on the other hand, gets upset with Amulya for wasting his time and is about to leave when Amulya holds his hand and asks him to stop this silliness of trying to find faults in Gautham. He forcefully lets go of Amulya’s hand and slam the door hard. As a result of this, Amulya gets locked inside the room as the lock gets jammed. A while later, the priest informs Aarthi that she is supposed to get dressed in the Dharane Seere (Wedding Saree) before the auspicious time (muhurta) runs out. Padma asks Aadya to go and bring the saree.

The pooja continues and soon in a soliloquy, Gautham is heard telling Vicky to see Aarthi one last time in a saree he has chosen, because he won’t get a chance after this. While Amulya tries her best to get the door opened, Suhasini gets worried about barging into a wedding without any proof.

An Exclusive Still Of Vedanth And Aadya
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Elsewhere, Vedanth gets frustrated when Sharada’s location is still untraceable just as Aadya comes there to give words of comfort to him. She soon goes to fetch the saree for Aarthi. During this time, Amulya finds something unnecessary items stuffed by Adithi and Anju under the bed and goes to check. She accidentally hurls a ball from under the bed that goes and hits a lampstand causing the lamp to fall on a piece of cloth on the ground. Exactly then, she complains of a toe-ache and checks to see what has happened to her leg. Her kicking of the door intensively causes bleeding on her toe.

A Shocked Still Of Amulya
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As you know she faints after seeing a lot of blood, that’s exactly what happens. Aadya, who goes to the same room is burnt by the hot handle. Upon realising that there are fumes coming out of the room, she rushes to call Vedanth. In the end, he makes a shocking realisation that Amulya is still inside the room.

Will he able to save her? How will Aarthi get married without the Dharane Seere? You’ll know only if you stay tuned to the next update.

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