Gattimela 21 February 2020 Written Update: Vedanth Is Lost In Amulya’s Thoughts


February 21, 2020

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In the previous episode of GattimelaSahithya tells Amulya to stay away from him. She also tells her that she knows she is in love with him but should stop trying to get close to him. She begins to insult Amulya, telling her that she looks like a broomstick and dresses up like a villager. Meanwhile, Vikranth tells Vedanth that he will not talk to Druva again or bring up his matters after which he goes to meet Aarthi.

In this episode, Vedanth has just walked into the office. As he comes in, Amulya tells him that she wants to talk to him about something important. Instead of focusing on what Amulya is saying, he gets lost in her eyes and is smiling to himself. He also remembers the time when Sarthak tells him that when a person is in love, they smile to themselves when they see their lover. He also asks Amulya to give him the files that require his signatures. As he takes the file, both their hands come in contact. Vedanth starts smiling again and looks at his hand. Kanta, in the midst of all this, realises that Vedanth is falling in love with her.

Elsewhere, Sarthak asks Adya why she is lost since she has come back from Vedanth’s house. Adya is thinking about Vedanth telling her that she mustn’t talk to Druva. However, she decides not to tell Sarthak anything especially with Vikranth’s wedding coming closer. Later that day, Adya and Vikranth are talking about their encounter with Vedanth and their conversation regarding Druva. They decide to go and meet Vedanth at the office.

Sarthak asks Adya why she is upset
Sarthak asks Adya why she is upset

Meanwhile in the office, Vedanth is still smiling to himself thinking about Amulya. He suddenly realises that Amulya and Kanta have come to his cabin. She tells him that she had applied for leave because Aarthi is getting married. He tells her to leave immediately if she wishes to. Amulya is taken aback when she sees the readiness with which he tells her to take the day off.

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