Gattimela 20 May 2019 Preview: Vikranth Announces That He Doesn’t Want To Marry Sarika

Parinika Uchil

May 17, 2019

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In the previous episode of Gattimela, Amulya and Vedanth have to make many stops on their way to the city, because the latter is uncomfortable. Meanwhile, at Padma’s house, Vicky makes Aarthi drink from his glass of juice and vice versa. Sarika, who watches this is enraged but feels helpless. Soon, Vikranth finds Aarthi alone again and asks her to say the three magic words. Suddenly, Sarika notices Suhasini climbing upstairs and hides away. Thanks to Aarthi, who sees Suhasini too, Vicky is able to hide her in the next room quickly. However, in the end, it seems like Suhasini may have spotted them together after all.

In the next episode, on their way to the city, Vedanth gets upset when Amulya stops the bike on the side and asks her what’s going on. In her smirky reply, she claims that she will be committing a big sin if she doesn’t pick up flowers for her and her family. Despite his attempts to get her back on the bike, she rushes to the flower vendor and picks up the flowers. On the other hand, Vedanth curses her in soliloquy stating that if Amulya gets the chance she will even speak to a stone. At Padma’s house, Vikranth makes it clear to all the families that he is not interested to get married to Sarika. Everyone including Sarika is shell-shocked to hear this.

Will Vicky confess his love for Aarthi too? How will Sarika react to this? Find out in the next episode on Monday.

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