Gattimela 20 March 2020 Preview: Vikranth Ties The Nuptial Chain Around The Bride

Vikranth, unaware of all the happenings around him, ties the thaali around the bride.


March 19, 2020

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In the previous episode of GattimelaDruva finds Aarthi. He sees that they have beaten her up. Druva picks up a fight with them and takes Aarthi out of the gym. With Suhasini’s insistence, the rituals for the two to get married takes place. Ajji relentlessly makes more and more excuses so that the marriage is delayed.

In the next episode, Vikranth ties the thaali around the bride’s neck. Just as Amulya tries to stop the wedding, Vikranth ties the nuptial chain and the wedding takes place. Amulya is in shock and is unable to stop it. Just then, Anju tells everyone that the girl sitting next to Vikranth is not Aarthi but Sarika. Everyone is in shock.

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