Gattimela 20 January 2020 Preview: Vedanth And Amulya Go On A Long Drive


January 17, 2020

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In the previous episode of Gattimela , Suhasini and Sahithya are having a conversation. Sahithya tells her that she was not sure if Vedanth would agree to marry her. She tells Sahithya that he takes a little time to accept his feelings for people. Meanwhile, Amulya’s sisters have organised a break up party for her. They bring in a poster of Sahithya for her to tear apart in order to remove her frustration.

In the next episode, Vedanth takes Amulya for a long drive. Amulya is intoxicated and is living every moment. Vedanth notices that she is constantly looking at the roof top of the car and tells her to stand up and enjoy it better. She uses him for support. Vedanth finds himself staring at her again. They spend a lot of quality time together.

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