Gattimela 20 February 2020 Written Update: Sahithya And Amulya Have A Showdown


February 20, 2020

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In the previous episode of GattimelaAmulya feeds Vedanth and Sarthak. Sahithya who is sitting behind them is staring at her thinking why she is trying to get so close to Vedanth. Kanta, on the other hand, tells Sahithya who has ordered food for Vedanth, that he only eats homemade food and not any other cuisine other than Indian.

In this episode, Sahithya tells Amulya to stay away from him. She also tells her that she knows she is in love with him but should stop trying to get close to him. She begins to insult Amulya to her face telling her that she looks like a broomstick and dresses up like a villager. She also says that she should not have any hope that Vedanth will fall in love with her as he is so handsome and she is not even of the same status as he is. Amulya stops her from talking. She tells Sahithya that all this while she tried to stay away from Vedanth. But now for everything that she has said to her, she will make sure that she gets closer to Vedanth than before. Amulya challenges her to do whatever she can to stop her and walks away. Sahithya is furious.

At home, Suhsini tells Vedanth that Vikranth is upset for some reason and Adya, on the other hand, is calling her repeatedly to ask where Vedanth is. She tells them that the 3 of them should talk and sort out whatever problem there is. Vikranth tells Vedanth that he will not talk to Druva again or bring up his matters after which he goes to meet Aarthi.

Source_ ZEE5
Source_ ZEE5

He tells her that he is feeling uneasy about something and just wanted to meet her as it makes him feel better. The two have a romantic moment. Amulya calls Vedanth later that night to ask him why he called her a broomstick. He tells her that if she puts on a little more weight, she would look much better. The two also have a romantic moment while speaking.

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