Gattimela 19 November 2019 Episode Written Update: Aarthi Gives Vicky His First Kiss

Parinika Uchil

November 20, 2019

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In the previous episode of Gattimela, Adithi becomes the ‘acting emcee’ for the special event and invites Aadya-Sarthak, Vedanth-Amulya and Aarthi-Vicky to perform on the special songs they have prepared. Soon, Suhasini welcomes Ramaswamy, a prominent politician, who points his son-in-law in the direction of the celebrity Namrata. After the performances, Ammu is sad when Namrata comments on her and Vedanth’s relationship. Meanwhile, the politician’s son-in-law openly flirts with Namrata, right in front of Amulya.

On tonight’s episode, Sarika reattempts to get Aarthi drunk so that she makes a fool of herself in front of everyone but unfortunately for her, Vicky stops Aarthi from drinking from her own glass and gulps down all the spiked juice in one go. Aarthi, who is puzzled by this gesture, blushes when Vicky tells her that anything that touches her lips shouldn’t be wasted hence he drank it all.

Meanwhile, Ramaswamy and his son-in-law try to tell Vedanth that women are the most important part of a man’s life but Vedanth doesn’t like the way they speak about women in general. Just then, Sarthak spots Amulya and calls his sister to introduce her to Ramaswamy.

Without even thinking twice, the politician takes Amulya’s hand and touches her inappropriately. Vedanth soon realises what is happening and calls Amulya to stand behind him in anger. Then, he goes to Ramaswamy and does the exact same thing he did with Ammu before walking away disgusted.

While Sarthak walks away too, Amulya suddenly realises she is alone and goes the other way towards Ramaswamy. When she finds that she is going the wrong way and returns to go back into the hall, she overhears something ghastly. Ammu hears Ramaswamy and his son-in-law setting a trap for the celebrity Namrata in order to use her inappropriately.

While she stands rooted to the spot, Vedanth is caught by Namrata in a conversation where she accuses him of not treating Amulya kindly. As she is about to explain how Amulya is, the latter comes there and takes away Namrata on the pretext that there is something important she has to discuss with her.

Vedanth, who let’s loose a smile looking at Amulya, suddenly realises what he is doing and stops smiling before walking away. Elsewhere, Aarthi finds out that someone has spiked Vicky’s drink as he becomes extra romantic and tells her how important she is to him.

Listening to him say things so cutely, Aarthi gives him a slight kiss on his cheeks, causing him to blush. Elsewhere, Namrata confronts Ramaswamy, thanks to Ammu and directly turns down their invite to his son-in-law’s wedding, much to their annoyance.

When they oppose, Amulya intervenes and tells them how she overheard their plan and told everything to Namrata. Soon, Aadya takes Ammu to get changed into another dress, but when the latter goes to the washroom to get freshened up, someone takes a video from outside.

After bidding farewell to Namrata, Vedanth then goes to Ramaswamy and asks about where Kishore, his son-in-law, is. While leaving, Pari and Manjunath discuss the party and get ready to head home while Vedanth is worried about why Amulya has stayed behind.

Who took the video of whom? Will Vedanth find out? Stay tuned to the next episode to find out.

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