Gattimela 18 March 2020 Preview: Vikranth Gets Suspicious

Anju tells Adya and Vedanth about Sarika. They all decide to find her


March 17, 2020

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In the previous episode of GattimelaAdya stops the marriage and asks Vikranth to take the veil off as the girl he might have gotten married to is Sarika. They all ask her where Aarthi is. However, this turns out to be a dream. Adya snaps back to reality and decides to tell Vikranth. When Adya tries to tell him about it, he tells her that he is already aware. Adya goes and tells Vedanth that Sarika is the one sitting at the temple. 

In the next episode, Anju tells Vedanth and Adya about Sarika and her previous attempt to get married to Vikranth. She tells both of them how Sarika took Vicky to the temple to get married to him in his unconscious state. Vedanth is taken aback when he hears this. At the mandapa, he tells Sarika, thinking she is Aarthi, about how lucky he feels to get married to her. When he asks her where the ring is, she makes an excuse of having removed it while bathing. Vikranth gets suspicious.

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