Gattimela 17 May 2019 Written Update Of Full Episode: Vicky Finds Alone Time With Aarthi

Parinika Uchil

May 17, 2019

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In the previous episode, Vedanth purposely taunts Amulya, who manages to somehow make it to the offshore site on her bike ‘rani’. To her amusement, Vedanth’s luck runs out when he learns that Kantha left the car keys, inside the vehicle, because of which it got auto-locked. Kantha then begs in front of Amulya to take Vedanth on her bike for an important meeting. After extensively denying this idea, Vedanth reluctantly goes with Amulya, much to her delight. Elsewhere, Vicky is ecstatic to see Aarthi in Aadya’s house, but for Suhasini and Parimala, the situation gets a little awkward.

On tonight’s episode, Vedanth forces Amulya to stop the bike and sit showing his back to her. After cursing him under her breath, she sits back on the bike and continues riding. At Padma’s house, Aarthi and Vicky romantically talk to each other through soliloquies just as Sarika arrives there. Upon looking at the lovebirds engrossed in each other, she walks to Vicky’s side and places her hand on his shoulder on the pretext of greeting him. He immediately brushes her hand off when Padma arrives there with the house help holding a tray of juice glasses. Vicky takes a sip from his glass and signals to Aarthi to keep the glass she is drinking from back on the table. Then he quickly exchanges it and drinks from her glass. Sarika, who is watching all of this fumes with rage. Just then Aadya feels a little unwell, so Parimala sends Aarthi with Aadya to her room, much to Suhasini’s dislike.

A Still Of Vedanth Sitting Reverse On Amulya's Bike
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Elsewhere, Vedanth gets really upset when a few guys on a couple of bikes make fun of the way he is sitting and ride away. In Aadya’s room, Aarthi comforts her sister-in-law and asks her to take some rest as it is natural to feel uncomfortable during pregnancy. Just as she shuts the door and is about to leave, Vicky pulls her to one corner of the verandah outside the room and stares deep into her eyes. She pleads to him to let her go on account that someone may spot them, but he asks her to say the three magic words first. Sarika, who wonders where Vicky is held up goes to the first floor of the house and is shocked to see the two of them looking at each other and blushing in the corner. Meanwhile, Vedanth forcefully makes Amulya stop and takes the riders, despite her warnings. When she claims that her ‘Rani’ hates him and won’t move a step ahead if he rides, he dismisses her claims and makes several attempts to start the moped-bike, but to no avail.

A Still Of Amulya Manjunath
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Finally, Amulya speaks sweetly to the bike and it starts smoothly, much to Vedanth’s astonishment. Soon, they reluctantly set out on their way again. At Sarika’s house, when Padma and Parimala are talking about food, Suhasini tries to belittle her by saying that she prefers to pick up branded stuff. Luckily for Pari, her sister Padma backs up her. This causes Suhasini to excuse herself on the pretext of seeing Aadya. Meanwhile, Vicky and Aarthi are still lost in each other and Sarika gets frustrated with the fact that she can’t do anything looking at them. Suddenly, she spots Suhasini climbing and goes to hide. Aarthi too notices this causing her to get alarmed along with Vicky. Luckily he finds a room to hide her and avoids getting caught at the hands of Suhasini, who wonders why he is standing in a corner alone. In the end, just before walking downstairs, Suhasini turns and sees Vicky talking romantically with Aarthi.

How will Suhasini react? Will Sarika come out of her hiding spot? You will know on Monday, so stay tuned.

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