Gattimela 17 March 2020 Written Update: Amulya Shows Aarthi’s Kidnapping Video To Vedanth


March 17, 2020

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In the previous episode of GattimelaVedanth stops Amulya to give him an answer for the way she has been behaving to which she finally confesses her love for him. Vedanth tells her that there is no need to cry and hugs her saying that all his confusion has disappeared. Elsewhere, there is a certain tension building between Adithi and Druva.

In this episode, Amulya confesses her love for Vedanth who immediately hugs her. However, she breaks herself free from the embrace and tries to run away from Vedanth who tells her to complete the conversation.

Elsewhere, Vikranth is about to get married. The pujari calls for the bride. Meanwhile, Sarthak and Adya are talking about the ceremonies that took place during their wedding. When the bride comes, Adya arranges the vermillion water for the rituals to take place. She notices something unusual about the girl sitting next to Vikranth who is supposed to be Aarthi and doubts if it is really her. As her face is covered with a veil, she cannot identify the girl. When she puts the red vermillion water next to her feet, she sees the reflection of Sarika’s face in it and is taken aback.

Gattimela 17 March 2020 Written Update_ Amulya Discovers That Aarthi Has Been Kidnapped (1)
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Adya stops the marriage and asks Vikranth to take the veil off as the girl he might have gotten married to is Sarika. They all ask her where Aarthi is. However, this turns out to be a dream. Adya snaps back to reality and decides to tell Vikranth. When Adya tries to tell him about it, he tells her that he is already aware. Adya goes and tells Vedanth that Sarika is the one sitting at the temple. Amulya joins this discussion when she shows them a video that Sarika has sent to her which shows that Aarthi has been kidnapped. Vedanth thinks of the next step that must be taken.

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