Gattimela 17 June 2019 Written Update Of Full Episode: Sarthak Believes Vedanth’s Theory

Parinika Uchil

June 17, 2019

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In the previous episode, Vedanth and Amulya, who are stuck in the changing room with each other, have two romantic encounters where they get extremely close to each other. Aarthi is shocked to see them and decides to take Parimala out of the saree store right away. Soon, Aadya and Sarthak spot Vedanth and Amulya red-handed. Despite their pleas, Aadya and Sarthak refuse to believe them. Later, Parimala and Anju go to the temple where Gautham’s first wife is seen taking blessings too.

On tonight’s episode, Vedanth and Amulya finally clarify to Aadya and Sarthak about the reason why they keep meeting each other. To their surprise, Sarthak and Aadya support Aarthi and Vicky’s love too and promise to do anything they can to help. Soon, at the temple, just as Parimala and Anju are taking blessings, an excited Amulya joins them. In her mind, she thanks God for Sarthak’s support and feels more confident from within. As they are talking, Gautham’s first wife collapses in the temple, a short distance from them causing them to get alarmed and rush towards her. After a few moments, the lady wakes up from her unconscious state and informs them that her name is Sharada. Amulya then asks for Sharada’s address and asks Anju to go home and tell Manjunath that they’ll be late as they are going to drop her home.

A Still Of Sharada
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Once there, Sharada thanks Parimala and Amulya for bringing her home and insists on making coffee for them. Amulya suddenly spots a wedding photo that is kept in the other direction and gets intrigued by it. Just as she gets up to see the photo frame, which has Gautham and Sharada in it, the coffee arrives. Parimala and her daughter then ask about Sharada’s life. When Amulya asks her about the man in the photo, Sharada gets up to show them the photo of her husband. Somehow, her luck doesn’t seem to shine as Amulya accidentally makes hot coffee fall on her mother’s saree. Meanwhile, none of them has a clue that Gautham arrives in the parking outside. However, when he enters the house, he is puzzled to find no one there. That’s when Sharada comes and tells him about what all happened at the temple and how because the lady dropped coffee on her saree, she and her daughter have gone to clean it in the bathroom.

A Still Of Sharada, Parimala And Amulya
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Sharada then goes to the bathroom and informs them that she would like to introduce them to her husband, who has just arrived at home. Elsewhere, Aadya tries to ask Vedanth to come to her house, but he gives her an excuse and gets away with it. Just after she leaves, he asks Sarthak to stay back and informs him about Gautham. To his surprise, Sarthak informs Vedanth that he completely believes him and they decide the plan forward. In the temple, Aarthi gets emotional about the fact that Vicky and she will not be able to meet from tomorrow after the wedding rituals begin. To cheer her up, he gives her the saree he selected for the ritual. She then asks him to arrange for the henna too from his side of the family and he agrees.

A Surprised Still Of Amulya And Parimala
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At Sharada’s house, Parimala and Amulya are surprised to come down to the main door and find her husband missing again and learn that he has gone to bring sweets. Upon discussion, it is decided that Sharada will come for the pre-wedding rituals to their home tomorrow and if possible with her husband. While they prepare to go back home, Gautham enters the house gate once more.

Will Parimala and Amulya spot Gautham? What plan will Vedanth make now? You will find out only if you stay tuned.

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