Gattimela 16 May 2019 Written Update Of Full Episode: Vedanth Hitches A Ride From Amulya

Parinika Uchil

May 16, 2019

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In the previous episode, Amulya keeps pranking Vedanth until he is forced to believe that it could be someone from the office is doing this. Amulya again calls Vedanth a while later, but this time she pretends to be Pramoda Devi, the head of Bengaluru Mahila Rakshane Aayoga. Her call stops Vedanth from continuing this overtime charade. Aarthi and Amulya are shocked to see Vikranth climbing a ladder to get to their terrace, in the night. While Amulya gives the two lovebirds some time alone, Parimala soon starts investigating about Aarthi’s whereabouts. The next day, Vedanth hatches a plan to teach Amulya a lesson and asks her to accompany him to a site.

On tonight’s episode, Kantha gets worried about the watchman at the offshore-site, at the way he salutes. Seconds later, Vedanth, who smells alcohol on the watchmen, screams at Kantha for hiring such people. Meanwhile, Amuya somehow arrives at the site on her ‘rani’ and enthusiastically asks Vedanth what her orders are only to be turned down. Vedanth taunts her about reaching late and asks her to go home. When she promises to send a complaint mail to Sarthak regarding this injustice, Vedanth pays no heed and leaves with Kantha. Amulya then decides to teach him a good lesson for wasting her time and efforts.

A Still From The Hit Show Gattimela
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Upon reaching the car, when Vedanth asks for the car keys from Kantha, he is shocked to realise that he may have left them in the vehicle by mistake. Amulya, who is watching this from a distance soon breaks into a peal of laughter when Kantha announces that he has left the keys in the car in a hurry, and now the vehicle is auto-locked from inside. An irate Vedanth lashes out at Kantha for such irresponsible behaviour, causing Amulya to smile even more. She makes full use of this opportunity and asks him innocently if there is a problem. Vedanth notices her giggling her heart out and rudely asks her to get out from there. Annoyed, she decides to leave him to pay for his sins.

A Still Of Kantha Pleading To Amulya
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After going ahead a few metres, she suddenly halts and is startled to see Kantha standing in front of her, folding his hands. She probes into the matter and realises that he is pleading her to take his boss along, as there is an important meeting that has to be attended in order to avoid major losses to this company. Without another word, he then rushes to Vedanth’s side to make him realise the seriousness of the situation. With much hesitation, he finally agrees to go with her, but at what cost? Elsewhere, Suhasini finds Vikranth rather chirpy and asks him where he is heading off to. When he mentions going to Aadya’s house, she insists on going with him.

A Still Of Amulya, Vedanth And Kantha
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Back at the site, Vedanth puts up a fit about sitting in front of the bike. An irritated Amulya immediately puts him in his place, causing him to rethink his decision. Finally, after what seems like a million pleas from Kantha, he finally sits behind Amulya and they leave for the meeting. At Sarika’s house, Padma and Parimala are so happy to meet after so long. After everyone exchanges greeting, Aadya arrives there and goes to greet Parimala. Just as they are seated and start talking amongst each other, Suhasini and Vicky arrive there. The former gets upset after seeing Parimala but diverts her mind to meeting Aadya. Once settled in the seating area, Suhasini informs Aadya not to eat anything of low quality, aiming to taunt Parimala for all the edibles she has got.

Will Parimala respond? How will Amulya and Vedanth’s ride turn out to be? Find out by staying tuned.

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