Gattimela 14 August 2020 Spoiler Alert: Amulya Chooses To Shoot Vedanth On Kishan’s Instructions

Does Amulya really shoot Vedanth? Watch the next episode to know more.


August 12, 2020


3 min


In the previous episode of Gattimela, Vikranth and Amulya have dinner as they discuss what has happened to Vedanth. Amulya tells him that ever since they have a doubt about where Vedanth really is, she has not been able to think about anything else. She also says that she is worried to which Vikranth says that nothing would have happened to him.

In this episode of Gattimela, Vikranth and Amulya go to the construction site as per the information given to them by Druva. Vikranth tells her that what she is doing is very risky especially because Kishan is dangerous. She tells him that she is not scared as they both have to protect each other and need to find where Vedanth really is. Just then Druva calls them and tells them that he has had an encounter with the goons that had come to the office as employees. However, he has a fight with them and finds out the real location of Vedanth. Amulya and Vikranth then go to that location in the most discreet manner possible.

Vikranth waits for Amulya to make a decision

However, they get caught by Kishan who then points the gun at them. He also tells Amulya that he knew she would come to protect Vedanth which is why he set up the whole act. He also asks her who Vikranth is. They take both of them and go to another location wherein it is revealed that Vedanth has been kidnapped. Amulya sees him and tears up as she sees that he is tied up. Vikranth and Vedanth try to fight Kishan but he ties them up. He then gives Amulya a gun and tells her to choose who she wants to shoot. Amulya tears up as Vedanth tells her to shoot him. Meanwhile, Kishan tells her that she must not waste so much time thinking or he’ll end up shooting one of them. Amulya, without having any choice, chooses to shoot Vedanth.

In the next episode, we see Kishan laughing as Amulya fires the bullet. Does Amulya really shoot Vedanth?

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