Gattimela 13 March 2020 Written Update: Vikranth And Aarthi Share A Romantic Moment


March 13, 2020

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In the previous episode of Gattimela, Amulya goes on stage and gives the ring back to him. Vedanth and Sahithya get engaged. However, Vedanth keeps looking at her. Everyone including Ajji, look disappointed with the fact that the two of them are getting engaged while Amulya looks sad. She goes to the room and cries. Adithi and Anjali try to console her. Anjali tells her that Vedanth is in love with Amulya but he doesn’t wants to accept it.

In this episode, Adithi and Anjali try to console Amulya. When she blames herself, Adithi says that she mustn’t do that. Amulya replies to her saying that she is not blessed enough to be with the man that she is in love with. She also mentions her inability to say anything against Vedanth. She also says that it was not Vedanth’s fault as he never led her on in any way. Anjali and Adithi hug her as she cries.

Gattimela 13 March 2020 Written Update_ Vikranth And Aarthi Share A Romantic Moment
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Elsewhere, Druva enters the hall. Over there, he discovers that the marriage that is about to take place, is between Aarthi and his own brother Vikranth. Druva realises this and tries to leave the wedding hall. When Pari tries calling him to come inside, he continues to walk in the opposite direction. Vedanth sees her calling him and tells him that he is the boy who was residing in their house. As Druva’s back is faced towards Vedanth, he doesn’t recognise him.

Aarthi, on the other hand, is praying to God when Vikranth comes to her. The two begin to talk about Vedanth and Amulya. Before he can say anything, Aarthi tells him not to talk about it further as Amulya will find it difficult to get over her feelings for Vedanth. The two also share a romantic moment. The next day, Vikranth gets ready for his marriage. He has a conversation with a Vedanth too who asks him Amulya’s whereabouts. He also tells Vikranth that he will find Amulya and come back.

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