Gattimela 12 March 2020 Written Update: Amulya Is Heartbroken Due To Vedanth’s Engagement


March 12, 2020

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In the previous episode of Gattimela, Suhasini announces the engagement of Vedanth and Sahithya. Amulya is heartbroken yet again. On the other hand, Adya reasons out with Sarthak asking her why her mother would announce their wedding without anyone’s knowledge. Amulya is standing outside and thinking about everything. All the moments she has had with Vedanth come back to her. She begins to cry while thinking of the time that Vedanth asked her to be his girlfriend.

In this episode, the ring that Vedanth is supposed to make Sahithya wear falls at Amulya’s feet. She picks it up and looks at Vedanth who then asks Amulya to come on stage. He also says that the ring will always go to the person who is truly deserving of it. Amulya excitedly goes on to the stage and the two exchange rings. Adya, on the other hand, makes Suhasini sit down so that they can make each other wear the ring. Everyone comes on stage to celebrate the same. Suddenly Amulya is snapped back to reality when she realises that she was dreaming of getting engaged to Vedanth who repeatedly calls her, in order for her to give the ring back to him.

Gattimela 12 March 2020 Written Update_ Amulya Is Heartbroken From Vedanth's Engagement
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Amulya goes on stage and gives the ring back to him. Vedanth and Sahithya get engaged. However, Vedanth keeps looking at her. Everyone including Ajji looks disappointed with the fact that the two of them are getting engaged while Amulya looks sad. Adya thinks to herself that Vedanth will soon come to realise his feelings for Amulya and this will be over. Pari and Manju wonder why all the youngsters are standing around Amulya while everyone else is seated. She tells Manju that they are all standing in front as Vedanth is finally getting engaged.

Amulya, on the other hand, goes to the room and cries. Adithi and Anjali try to console her. Anjali tells her that Vedanth is in love with Amulya but he doesn’t want to accept it. Amulya says that he was affectionate towards her and that’s why she fell in love with him. The three share an emotional moment.

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