Gattimela 12 March 2020 Preview: Amulya And Vedanth Get Engaged

Vedanth tells Amulya to come on stage so the two can get engaged


March 11, 2020

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In the previous episode of Gattimela, Suhasini announces the engagement of Vedanth and Sahithya. Amulya is heartbroken yet again. On the other hand, Adya reasons out with Sarthak asking her why her mother would announce their wedding without anyone’s knowledge. Amulya is standing outside and thinking to herself. All the moments she has had with Vedanth comes back to her. She begins to cry to herself while thinking of the time that Vedanth asked her to be her girlfriend.

In the next episode, just when Sahithya and Vedanth are making each other wear the ring, the ring slips out of Vedanth’s hand and falls near Amulya. He looks at it and tells Amulya that the ring is destined to fall near the person who truly deserves the ring. Amulya goes on stage and the two get engaged.

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