Gattimela 12 June 2019 Written Update Of Full Episode: Vedanth Grabs Hold Of Amulya

Parinika Uchil

June 12, 2019

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In the previous episode of Gattimela, Gautham continues his evil charades by deleting the nasty message he sent to Vedanth. Amulya, who was unable to see the message, assumes that there is something mentally wrong with Shunti Shankra. After returning home, Amulya manages to control an irate Anjali and explains everything about Aarthi and Vicky to her. Elsewhere, Vedanth decides to act against Gautham on his own since no one is willing to see him as a fraud. Later, he purposefully makes Amulya work at the godown at night, despite her reluctance. There she gets stuck in the rain and no cover!

On tonight’s episode, outside the company godown, a worried Sarthak informs Vedanth that Amulya still might have not reached home. To this, Vedanth immediately gives her a taunt and tells Sarthak that Amulya is the kind of girl who might be fast asleep at home. He then assures Sarthak that she is safe and sends her home. Before leaving, Kantha insists on checking inside the godown to see if Amulya is that just once. When Vedanth doesn’t agree, Kantha goes inside to check and is shocked at what he finds. He forcibly takes Vedanth inside to show him that Amulya is still there, standing in the rain, without any cover and working. Elsewhere, Adithi asks Aarthi to call Vicky to check if he knows where Amulya is.

A Still Of Suhasini And Vikranth
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At the Vashishta house, Suhasini asks Vicky to call Vedanth and find out where is, with much hesitation. Just then a call from Aarthi startles Vicky and soon Suhasini too. When he cuts the call, Adithi tries to call him from her number. By this time, Suhasini starts probing into the calls, causing Vicky to get upset and storm off to his room. Meanwhile, Vedanth who is staring at Amulya in amazement suddenly realises that a truck is approaching her at a rapid pace. Amulya, who is lost in thought doesn’t see the truck. In a reflex moment, Vedanth throws his umbrella, rushes and grabs hold of Amulya’s arm in order to save her. This leads to both of them almost falling into each other’s arms. An enraged Vedanth pushes her away and commands her to go home. He then arranges for a drop.

A Still Of Parimala And Amulya
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After Amulya reaches home, Parimala screams at her for this constant irresponsibility from her work end. Luckily, Manjunath comes to save his daughter from his wife’s wrath. Slowly, Amulya reveals why she was home late. Despite her anger, Parimala orders her to go to her room, freshen up and have some food. Elsewhere, Vedanth too, freshens up and gets to the dining area when Suhasini comes there and vents out her frustration about Vicky’s growing attitude. He then promises his mother that he will fix everything and assures her not to worry. At the Manjunath house, Amulya confesses the real truth about how Vedanth challenged her, to Aarthi and Adithi.

A Still Of Vikranth
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The next day, Vikrant goes to his brother’s room to ask him for a favour. According to Vicky, for some pre-wedding ritual, the groom’s side is supposed to arrange for a saree for the bride. When Vedanth tries to find out what the problem in this situation is, Vicky tells him that Aarthi is not ready to accept the saree. He then convinces Vedanth to give it to Amulya so she can give it to Aarthi, owing to the fact that there’s a connection between them. This makes Vedanth get flushed and he screams at his brother for such ridiculous statements about him and Amulya. On the other hand, Amulya who is about to leave home for work gets a call from Vedanth stating that she doesn’t have to report into work today. A wave of happiness overcomes her until Vedanth begins talking again. What he says gets her really irritated!

What does he say to her? What task will Vedanth give Amulya next? You will know only if you stay tuned of course.

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