Gattimela 11 September 2019 Episode Written Update: Amulya-Vedanth’s First Dream Sequence

On tonight’s episode, Vedanth announces Aarthi-Vicky’s engagement date, despite Suhasini’s tantrums. Later, Vedanth-Ammu share a romantic moment!

Parinika Uchil

September 11, 2019

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In the previous episode of Gattimela, Vicky and Aarthi share romantic moments alone while Vedanth protects Amulya from being harassed by miscreants. Meanwhile, the priest asks the elders to take the discussion of the engagement to Suhasini’s home. Elsewhere, the youngsters, i.e, Sarthak-Aadya, Vicky-Aarthi and Amulya-Adithi-Anju begin the Ganesha dance party in the lawn area. However, when the miscreants are back to trouble Ammu, Vedanth makes her and Adithi teach them a good lesson in front of everyone.

On tonight’s episode, Vedanth asks Amulya if she is okay after the incident. After confirming that she is fine, Ammu thanks Vedanth for his help. Finding something wrong with his face, Amulya asks Vedanth about why is he looking at her in such a peculiar manner. To this, he responds that he was taken aback by that fact that she actually ‘thanked’ him. As he is about to leave, Amulya calls him back and directly asks him to agree for marriage.

A Still Of Amulya
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Despite his anger, she continues by explaining to him the seriousness of the situation and how Suhasini is adamant that till he doesn’t agree to get married, Aarthi and Vicky’s love story will remain incomplete. Feeling like she has no other choice, Amulya even goes to the extent of folding her hands and pleading in front of him. Annoyed, when he walks away from her, she gets upset and follows him.

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At the Vashishta house, the priest informs everyone that the only auspicious date for the engagement is the 30th of the next month, nothing before, nothing later. After everyone is excited that a date has been set, Suhasini puts her price up and rejects this idea because her main condition; Vedanth accepting the concept of marriage, isn’t fulfiled yet. As she is beginning to raise her voice, Vedanth arrives there much to everyone’s surprise.

When Vedanth Announces That The Engagement Will Take Place Regardless
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He then makes it clear to Suhasini that not marrying anyone is his choice and she cannot force her decisions on him. Much to Pari and Manjunath’s relief, Vedanth, without taking his mother’s permission directly announces the date of Aarthi and Vicky’s engagement as the 30th of the following month. Vicky, who overhears this, is thrilled and showers his older brother with lots of love. He soon goes and informs Amulya about the same.

An Excited Still Of Amulya
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Her jaw drops when she learns that Shunti has made all this possible. When Aarthi finds out she is thrilled too. One by one, everyone hugs Vedanth for all his help. Finally, when it is Amulya’s turn, subconsciously she too goes close to Vedanth to hug but stops in the last second trying to wonder about the blunder she was about to make. She quickly retraces her steps and is about to walk away but stops to glance him one last time.

A Still Of When Vedanth And Amulya Go Into A Romantic Dream Sequence
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The two then get into their first mutual romantic-dream sequence where they are embracing one another with all the love in their heart. Elsewhere, Suhasini tells Paramananda how she is going to ruin everything for Parimala and how Aarthi’s life is soon going to be destroyed.

What just happened between Amulya and Vedanth? Is Suhasini planning to use emotional blackmail as a medium to get her way? We’ll know soon. Stay tuned.

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