Gattimela 11 March 2020 Written Update: Adya Tries To Talk To Amulya About Vedanth


March 11, 2020

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In the previous episode of GattimelaAmulya and Vedanth too have a moment while looking at each other. Sahithya notices this and tries to grab his attention. However, Vedanth reminds her of her deal. The evening, Suhasini makes an announcement of the engagement of Sahithya and Vedanth’s engagement.

In this episode, Suhasini announces the engagement of Vedanth and Sahithya. Amulya is heartbroken yet again. On the other hand, Adya reasons out with Sarthak asking her why her mother would announce their wedding without anyone’s knowledge. She also decides to talk to her mother about it. Aarthi, on the other hand, tells Vikranth that Amulay was going to tell Vedanth her true feelings for him but she only stopped it. She also says that she didn’t realise things would get so serious. Adya doesn’t listen to anyone and decides to go talk to Amulya. Aarthi begins to cry thinking of how her sister might be feeling.

Gattimela 11 March 2020 Written Update_ Adya Tries To Talk To Amulya About Vedanth (1)
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Amulya is standing outside and thinking to herself. All the moments she has had with Vedanth comes back to her. She begins to cry to herself while thinking of the time that Vedanth asked her to be her girlfriend. Adya comes in just then and asks her if she is feeling okay. She too doesn’t know what to say. She tells Amulya not to cry and shows her concern towards her. She tells her to take her time and come to terms with the fact that Vedanth is getting married to Sahithya. She also tells her to confess her love for Vedanth.

Vedanth sees Amulya standing outside. Amulya who is crying tries to hide her tears from him. He tries to wipe her tears out but she doesn’t allow him to. Amulya begins to cry and hugs Vedanth who is confused about what has happened.

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