Gattimela 11 March 2020 Preview: Amulya Cries To Vedanth


March 10, 2020

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In the previous episode of GattimelaAmulya and Vedanth too have a moment while looking at each other. Sahithya notices this and tries to grab his attention. However, Vedanth reminds her of her deal. The evening, Suhasini makes an announcement of the engagement of Sahithya and Vedanth’s engagement.

In the next episode, the sangeet takes place post the announcement of Vedanth’s engagement to Sahithya. Vedanth sees Amulya standing outside. Amulya who is crying tries to hide her tears from him. He tries to wipe her tears out but she doesn’t allow him to. Amulya begins to cry and hugs Vedanth who is confused about what has happened.

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