Gattimela 10 September 2019 Preview: Amulya Makes A Humble But SHOCKING Request To Shunti

Parinika Uchil

September 9, 2019

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In the previous episode of Gattimela, Vedanth is shocked when Amulya apologises to him for dashing into him. Soon, he goes and defends Aarthi and Pari righteously from the nasty insults hurled at them by Suhasini’s friends. While Amulya discusses her plan to get Vedanth drunk so that he may accept the idea of getting married in front of everyone, Adithi falls into trouble a short while later. Vedanth, who learns that two boys have tried to act funny with Adithi, he teaches them a good lesson. Later, Aadya points on multiple occasions that Amulya has started copying Vedanth’s behavioural patterns, causing her to get embarrassed.

In the next episode, as Aarthi is walking out of the bathroom, she trips and is about to slip. Luckily for her, Vikranth, who waiting for her outside, sees this and saving her from falling. Both of them get stuck in the romantic moment and into each other’s eyes. Elsewhere, as Vedanth is getting out of a conversation with Amulya, she calls him back and politely requests him to get married. Vedanth is in disbelief at this request.

Will he accept Ammu’s request? How will Vicky-Aarthi’s romantic moment end? Stay tuned to tomorrow’s episode to find out.

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