Gattimela 1 May 2019 Written Update Of Full Episode: Vedanth And Amulya Spotted Together

Parinika Uchil

May 1, 2019

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In the previous episode of Gattimela, Suhasini’s rude behaviour regarding Aarthi’s wedding invites doesn’t deter Parimala at all and forces her to give a crisp reply. Elsewhere, Gautham reaches the secluded spot that Amulya and Vedanth have been meeting at. The truth about Aarthi and Adithi makes Gautham irate. After a scuffle, he challenges Vedanth to try and stop the wedding. Gautham reaches the Manjunath house and tries to speak to Parimala and Manjunath but Amulya pleads him against it. In the end, Vicky gets furious to see Aarthi’s wedding card while Vedanth promises to go to any lengths to make Gautham call-off the wedding.

On tonight’s episode, as Parimala is praying to God for Aarthi and Gautham, Amulya asks forgiveness in her mind and prays for the opposite of that. Meanwhile, Adithi and Anjali are arguing about something when Gautham calls on the phone he gifted Aarthi. Subsequently, Vicky too calls on Adithi’s number presumably to speak to Aarthi. The turmoil in her leads Aarthi to snatch Adithi’s phone to speak to Vicky and receives his call. After making many attempts to make him understand, the conversation ends with Aarthi crying inconsolably and asking Vikranth to forget about her. Amulya, who sees this from a distance, cannot bear to see her sister in this state and plans to do something about it.

Ashwini Aka Aarthi Manjunath From Gattimela
Source: ZEE5

Elsewhere, Kantha attempts to flirt with a woman who is looking for an auto, when Vedanth lands up there, much to his disappointment. He takes Kantha with him to the office and foils his plans of trying to make a girlfriend. On the way to work, Vedanth asks Kantha to leave the car on the account of a personal call he has to attend to. Upon learning that Amulya has to meet him right away at any cost, he gives some excuse to his PA and asks him to reach office on his own. Soon afterwards, Vedanth stops his car after spotting Amulya waiting at the side of the road with her bike Rani. The former gets upset that Amulya is trying to pull off a stint to make him wait at the abandoned location but finds out that the bike has broken down midway.

A Still Of The Quarrel Between Vedanth And Amulya
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Somehow, Amulya makes him take her along with him in the car. Kantha, on the other hand, is thrilled to hitch a ride from Sarthak, who was also heading towards office. A few moments later, Kantha sees a shocking sight that makes him literally put his head out of Sarthak’s car and gawk. He immediately informs Sarthak that he just witnessed Amulya and Vedanth IN THE SAME CAR!! Amulya’s cousin, too, cannot believe his eyes and stops the car to confront them. As Vedanth is approaching their car he realises the pickle he is in and stops the car. He then curses Amulya for getting into the car with him as he wanted to avoid this very situation. In her mind, she promises to teach him a lesson and steps out of the car.

Sarthak questions them about what is going on when Amulya interrupts and informs her cousin that Vedanth wanted to get her back into the company desperately and so they met. Vedanth, Kantha and Sarthak are shell-shocked at this statement.

Will Vedanth back this claim of Amulya’s? What will Sarthak do? You won’t know unless you stay tuned.

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