Gattimela 09 March 2020 Preview: Rituals Are Performed At Aarthi’s House


March 6, 2020

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In the previous episode of Gattimela, Suhasini tells Vedanth to take Sahithya out to dinner. However, Ajji says that Vedanth must go to Amulya’s house to give the turmeric as it is part of the ritual and doesn’t allow Vedanth to go out with her. Later that day, Sahithya and Suhasini, on the other hand, are thinking of ways to get Vedanth to spend more time with Sahithya.

In the next episode, the tumeric has come from the groom’s house and has been made into powder by Amulya. The ritual then takes place where everyone puts the turmeric powder on Aarthi’s face. Everyone, one by one, performs the ritual. Later that day, Ajji talks to Vedanth about the importance of love and getting married to the one you love with the intention of making him realise his feelings for Amulya.

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