Gattimela 09 April 2020 Written Update: Amulya Finally Reveals Her Secret To Vedanth

When Vedanth sees Amulya locking up her drawer, he asks her to show him what she’s hiding and she agrees to do so.


April 9, 2020

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In the previous episode of GattimelaSahithya confronts Amulya telling her that she will be marrying Vedanth. Amulya tells her that she hasn’t gotten married to him as yet and so far he seems to be developing feelings for her (Amulya). She also says that she has a special relationship with Vedanth and nothing can come in between both of them.

In this episode, Sarthak and Kanta have come into Vedanth’s office only to find him lost in his own thoughts. Sarthak asks Kanta what he did for Vedanth to become so quiet and even tries to grab his attention. When Vedanth sees them, he asks them when they came. Sarthak tells him that Adya has called them home early as she has some news to share with them. Vedanth agrees to leave the office early but gets lost in his own thoughts again. Kanta tells Sarthak that the only way to get Vedanth back to normalcy is to get him married. He thinks to himself that when Vedanth ties the knot, it will also lead to Kanta’s wedding. 

Adithi and Anju are sitting beside each other. While Anju continues to study, Adithi playfully tries to distract her. Just then, she gets a call from an unknown number but ignores it. When her phone continues to ring, Anju tells her to either pick up the call or go somewhere else so that she can focus on her studies. Adithi gets irritated and leaves. Druva sees the same and asks Anju why she is acting strange to which Anju tells him that Adithi has always been this way.

Gattimela 09 April 2020 Written Update_ Amulya Shows Vedanth The Box Of Money (1)
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Elsewhere, Sarthak tells Amulya to pack her bag so that he can drop her to her house. He also tells her that Adya has called him back home as she has some news to share. As she is packing up, Vedanth comes to her desk to see her locking the desk and asks her to show him what she has locked up. Amulya hesitantly shows him a box in which she has collected money. She also tells him that her father will be retiring soon and she would like to buy him a suit for the event as she has always wanted to. Vedanth’s eyes well up up as she shares her wish.

At home, Adya tells Aarthi and Suhasini that she is pregnant again. They all get excited and congratulate her.

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