Gattimela 08 April 2020 Written Update: Sahithya Threatens Amulya About Vedanth

Sahithya threatens Amulya and tells her to stay away from Vedanth. Amulya tells her that no one can come between Vedanth and her.


April 8, 2020

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In the previous episode of GattimelaAmulya is showing off her Tik Tok videos to everyone in the office. Vedanth is standing and staring at Amulya while admiring her. He suddenly remembers Sarthak telling him that if he smiles while looking at the girl that he is in love with, then it is a fact that he is in love with her. Meanwhile, at home, Pari calls Aarthi to ask her how she is. Aarthi, who has just signed the prenuptial agreement, tells her that she is doing very well and that everyone is taking care of her.

In this episode, Sahithya confronts Amulya telling her that she will marry Vedanth. Amulya tells her that she hasn’t gotten married to him as yet and so far he seems to be developing feelings for her. She also says that she has a special relationship with Vedanth and nothing can come between both of them. Amulya continues to tell her that if she could destroy Sarika’s plans then she can easily do anything else. Sahithya, who doesn’t know what to say in return, is infuriated. Amulya also refers to the incident when Sahithya threatened to throw her out of the company and says that it is owned by Vedanth which means that she can’t be ousted so easily.

Meanwhile, Pari borrows money from Ranganna as there are certain rituals that are yet to be performed. Ranganna tells her that she must return the money within two days failing which his men will come to their house and take away their belongings.

Gattimela 08 April 2020 Written Update_ Sahithya Confronts Amulya (1)
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Elsewhere, Amulya walks into Vedanth’s cabin only to find him making Tik Tok videos. She clarifies some work-related matters and is leaving the room when Vedanth tells her not to go. He also spreads his hands in a romantic manner. Taken aback, Amulya suspects that he has caught the virus which is making him act so strangely. Sahithya, on the other hand, is having a conversation with Vicky and Sarthak. When she addresses Vicky as Vikranth, he tells her that Vedanth is the only one who can call him that. Sahithya tells him that she will call him whatever Vedanth calls her as she will be marrying the latter. Vicky retorts and tells her that she hasn’t gotten married to him yet and leaves the room in a fit of rage.

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