Gattimela 04 February 2020 Written Update: Amulya Gives A Presentation For Vedanth


February 4, 2020

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In the previous episode of Gattimela, Sahithya and Sarika are having a conversation about Vedanth. Sarika asks her if she wished Vedanth spent more time with her and she agrees. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Vedanth hugs Amulya and tells her not to worry about anything when he is with her. Just then, the doctor comes out and tells them that her father is perfectly fine and can be taken back home.

Amulya and Vedanth are at office. Vedanth asks her how her father is, to which she replies saying that he is doing much better. He also asks her to make a presentation, that she had made a few days ago, once more. She then begins to do the same. As she is talking, Vedanth loses concentration. He begins to stare at her as though he is seeing her for the very first time. Amulya realises that Vedanth is not actually listening to the presentation. Kanta, too, notices and wonders why his boss is not focusing on the presentation and is staring at Amulya instead.

At home, Aarthi and her mother are talking about how her mother is going to start cooking food and sending it out to people. She will also be charging a good amount for the same. They both begin to make a list of ingredients for the food that she will be making. At the office, Sahithya tells Amulya that she will have to sign the papers, stating that she will not be receiving her monthly salary, as that money has been used for her father’s treatment. Amulya is vexed by this situation but signs the papers anyway.

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Aarthi and her mother discuss her mother’s cooking business

Amulya calls him and brings him back to reality. On asking him what he was thinking about, he says that he was wondering about the improvisations that can be made to her presentation. Amulya thinks to herself that he is surely lying and is trying to cover up for the fact that he was looking at her.

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