Gattimela 03 February 2020 Written Update: Amulya’s Father Returns Home


February 4, 2020

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In the previous episode of Gattimela, everyone surrounds Sahithya and Vedanth who is cutting her birthday cake. When she cuts it, Suhasini asks Vedanth to feed her a piece of cake. However, he is busy looking for Amulya who is hiding from his sight. Meanwhile, Amulya discovers that her father has met with an accident and rushes to the hospital with Aarthi .

In tonight’s episode, Sahithya and Sarika are having a conversation about Vedanth. Sarika asks her if she wished Vedanth spent more time with her and she agrees. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Vedanth hugs Amulya and tells her not to worry about anything when he is with her. She tells him that several thoughts are coming to her mind and none of them is positive. He talks about his feelings when he explains to her that when you love someone; it is natural to get such negative thoughts as they may fear might happen to their beloved. He advises her to be strong in this situation.

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Adya has a conversation with Druva

Just then the doctor comes out and tells them that her father is perfectly fine and can be taken back home. Amulya goes into the ward to meet her father and later hugs Vedanth out of happiness. Meanwhile, Druva arrives at the hospital. She sees Vedanth at the hospital and goes back outside. As he leaves, Adya stops him. He is surprised to see him. She cries and asks him why he did not visit him if he has come back to Bangalore and he does not keep in touch. Druva says nothing.

Amulya’s father gets discharged and returns back home. He tells her not to worry about her, but Amulya is still tense about her father’s health.

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