Gattimela 03 April 2020 Preview: Suhasini Asks Aarthi To Sign A Document

Suhasini tells Aarthi that she must sign a document that says that she will not acquire any property or money if Vedanth and her seperate.


April 2, 2020

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In the previous episode of GattimelaAmulya, instead of being honest with Vedanth about her feelings, tells him that he is like family to her and loves him in a friendly manner. She then thinks to herself that if she accepts her love for him, she might end up losing her relationship with him. At home, Anju and Adithi converse about how much they miss Aarthi.

In the next episode,  Aarthi and Suhasini sit together the next morning to talk about something important. Suhasini begins to explain the document that she is holding in her hand. She tells Aarthi that when a girl comes into the groom’s house, there is a document that must be signed. She further explains the document to say that in case the husband and wife separate or get a divorce, the wife may not ask for any sort of money or property for which this document stands as proof. Aarthi is hurt and taken aback by the same.

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