Gattimela 01 April 2020 Preview: Vedanth And Amulya Get Locked Up In A Room

Amulya and Vedanth realise that the door has been locked from outside and try to find a solution.


March 31, 2020

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2 min


In the previous episode of GattimelaVedanth accidentally tells Adya and Sarthak that he cannot imagine the pranks that they all will play on the first night after his marriage. Everyone begins to smile in disbelief that Vedanth even had the thought of having a first night. At home, Pari accidentally calls everyone including Aarthi for dinner. When she realises that Aarthi is now married, she begins to tell Manju that someday their other three daughters will also get married off and they will eventually be lonely. They all share a sentimental moment.

In the next episode, instead of asking Vedanth to propose to her, Amulya dares him to eat 10 chillies. After he does so, Amulya runs around to get him some water and asks him if the chillies were really spicy. Vedanth doesn’t admit to the same, even though they were. Then, Adya and Sarthalk leave the room but lock it from outside. Amulya gets flustered as she feels like Vedanth will bring up the confession she made at the wedding hall if the two are left alone.

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