Ganesh Chaturthi: 5 Types Of Decorations That Will Steal Your Heart!

Manjiri Shete

August 27, 2019


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1. Lantern Ganpati

There are many great aspects of Ganesh Chaturthi, but the topmost for us will always be the decoration. We love seeing different decorations as much as we love indulging in modaks. Especially, when these ornaments are handmade, there is intimate beauty to it. The process always goes this way, all the family members sit together a few days prior to the main day. They contribute ideas which magically births something beautiful and special. So, this year, if you are running out of ideas and scavenging your Pinterest boards for Ganpati decorations, then, we have you covered. Here are some of the finest decorations that you can take inspiration from.

The above picture shows a great blend of two festivals together. The lantern is made at home from bamboo sticks and kite paper (which is easily available in the stationaries). The colourful hangings are prepared from gelatin paper which you will also get at the stationary near you.

Watch the video below:

2. No plastic Ganpati

The paper bags and the smiling emojis signify that banning plastic is a very good decision. With the amount of trouble, the environment and the marine animals have to go through due to plastic, using paper is the best idea.

2. Lotus Ganpati

You can use your house plants for this idea. This is followed by picking up a pink chart paper and cut it in the shape of lotus leaves. The Diwali lights will help you amp up your decoration.

4. Rath Ganpati

You could use the decorated umbrella which you get at Crawford Market or Colaba Causeway. You could use a dress material to cover the elephant.

5. Peacock Ganpati

The body of the peacock is made from a computer chair. The shape of the stomach is created with the help of cushions. You can get the feathers on rent from a fancy dress shop near you. Use fairy lights to give it more effect.

What do you think about about the above decorations? We would love to know your thoughts in the comments below.

Meanwhile, for more entertainment, check out the Ganesh Chaturthi movie playlist curated just for you on ZEE5.

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