From Painting To Plating: Chef Ranveer Brar Shares His Favourite BachFun Moment With Son

Many celebrities are sharing their #BachFUNMoment with us on social media. Chef Ranveer Brar also lets us in on a story with his son, Ishaan.

Sneha Bale

May 5, 2020


2 min


Many parents are happy for two things – one is finding time to finally spend with their kids, and second – for being able to see their grown-up kids around, at all times. Just like us, many celebrities are also at their happiest because there is finally some time for them to stay at home. One such person is a well-known celebrity chef, Ranveer Brar. And here’s what he feels about the nation-wide lockdown.

Watch an episode of his show Ranveer’s Cafe here:

We see him sitting in the living room and trying to decorate a dish, which looks delicious. His son, Ishaan tries to get the perfect stroke with his father’s help. The Chef clarifies that they are taking plating lessons and not painting lessons. Ranveer explains how he never had as much fun as he is having at this moment. Clearly, someone is happy about the lockdown.

He writes, “Humaara yeh #BachFUNMoment iss chocolate plating jitna hi fun aur mazzedar hai. Khaana, khilaana aur Plating toh jaari hi rahegi mere bete aur mere saath!” As he promises to make the most of his time in quarantine, the chef also encourages people to share their moments of #BachFun with us. So, go ahead and share your BachFun Moment.

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