From Comedy Khiladigalu To Accident – Ramesh Aravind’s Versatility Deserves An Applause

Ramesh Aravind ditches his comic avatar for a serious one in Accident, and we tell you why he’s a pleasure to watch in this role.


April 17, 2020

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Accident is a thriller film that is directed by the lead Ramesh Aravind along with Pooja Gandhi and Rekha Vedavyas. The story is about Sawanth who is a radio jockey by profession and is jovial by nature. However, having settled in a foreign state, he decides to come back to his homeland where he finds out that his wife has died in a car accident. Unable to deal with the loss of his wife, he decides to find out who killed her and how.

Well, we must say that while this is the third film directed by actor-director Aravind, he has made it look like he has been directing for years! Though the movie can be heavy at times, Aravind has been able to provide some comic relief with his stellar performance. The actor brings in bits of his jovial, fun nature into the scenes even after he has discovered the death of his wife. The film works as it not only shows his grief but also how he survives through it all.

As a director, the characters are relatable from every angle. Even the discomfort we see between Sawanth and Pooja Gandhi in the film has been directed in a way that we can empathise with both actors. While Aravind is known for excelling in the genre of comedy- that we have seen through his hosting skills in Comedy Khiladigalu- his experiment with this particular film has truly done wonders.

A still of Ramesh Aravind
A still of Ramesh Aravind (Source: Instagram)

This is also a peculiar and unique slice-of-life movie that shows the triumph of good over evil. This story that follows a couple and its journey really leaves a mark in the viewer’s mind and the reason for this is the effortless direction given to the actors. Aravind has been able to portray life as it is, without emphasising too much on it, which makes this a treat to watch! And we must mention that it’s a pleasure to see Aravind in a completely different and a slightly serious avatar compared to the comic ones that we usually get to see in his other ventures.

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