From A Dhoti To A Suit, You Will Want To Own These Dheekshit Shetty Approved Outfits

Parinika Uchil

April 26, 2019

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Famous for his role as Arjun in the hit TV serial Naagini, Dheekshith Shetty tops the charts when it comes to fashion. His knack for classy outfits should be considered as a reference for all those who want to upgrade their wardrobes from boring to hawt! He has proved time and again that men have a variety of different outfits too, unlike the stereotypical pant-shirt.

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The Naagini actor proudly calls himself a palestrato; an individual who goes to the gym regularly to stay fit. Without further ado, time for the guys to get inspired by Namma Arjun’s fashion choices. Ladies, hold onto your heart!

1. Traditionally yours

Dheekshith Shetty Posing In A Dhoti Kurta
Source: Instagram

Confidence, grace and the rugged look goes well with the Dhoti Kurta he adorns. Wouldn’t you say?

2. Suspenders much?

Suspenders Are In. Namma Arjun Knows It
Source: Instagram

Dheekshith has taken something so common as suspenders to give himself a different look. Now you too can change your boring outfit to a drool-worthy one in just a matter of minutes.

3. Sporting the Sheikh look

Naagini's Dheekshith Shetty During A Fashion Show
Source: Instagram

It may seem that his outfit is oversized, but then again you cannot ignore the confidence he has while posing on the ramp. If someone met Dheekshith with this costume, they would probably presume him to be a Sheikh.

4. The usual casuals

Naagini's Arjun Wearing Casuals On A Beachside
Source: Instagram

The white tee and a black pant might seem like a cliché, but only Dheekshith can tweak the look by adding a simple scarf around his neck. Another example of him upgrading his outfit through a minimalistic add-on. The wind obviously makes this image a candid.

5. The corporate set

Arjun From Naagini Poses For A Still In A Handsome Suit
Source: Instagram

Who said men have minimalistic options when it comes to clothing? Doesn’t he look ravishing even though he is fully covered? I really might drool just a little.

6. The topless show-stopper

Dheekshith Shetty Poses For A Still Near A Poolside
Source: Instagram

Be it a lungi, a dhoti, a pair of shorts or even swimwear, Namma Arjun likes to show-off the results of his hard work with shirtless looks. According to me, this his best look.

Would you take Dheekshith as your inspiration to upgrade your wardrobe? All the ladies out there let us know which pic you found him hottest in. The section below awaits your comments.


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